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We create results driven Business Video, period. From big corporations, to small start ups, to non profits & charities, we create videos that communicate your message and values to your audience emotionally.

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Our Process

Video Marketing Services Vancouver by Tetra Films

Video Marketing

After a thorough needs assessment we provide in-depth online market analysis using competitor product and review analysis, social language analysis, and Google search data analysis.

Video Pre Production Services Calgary by Tetra Films

Video Pre-Production

Using the market information we’ve gathered we allow your values to inform the creative process. Integrating how your organization is helping others is a strong force we can use in tandem with market research to fuel and energize the viewer. Our team is up to speed on the latest and greatest, and we pride ourselves on listening to what you want, so we can get you where you want to go.  We help you build your videos by using the latest video technology, video marketing techniques, and video distribution processes.  Its our job to listen, learn, and advise so you can improve your marketing, training, safety, and fundraising initiatives. Our team takes and in depth approach to video planning and scripting, and it shows in our successes. We have worked with countless clients, agencies, and organizations on jobs where we report to small teams of less than 3 to massive productions where 100’s of people from multiple organizations representing interests from all across the country are involved.

Video Production Services by Tetra Films - Video Production Company Calgary

Video Production

During Video Production we dig deep to get you the best quality lighting, filming, and talent for your budget. We are inspired by what we do, and love working “on set”. Amazing discoveries can happen and we look forward to capturing those magic moments for your video. There are countless ways to do this, and it all comes down to having the right people with the right skills for the job. We have the best video production staff in the city whose focus on story, delivery, and execution will get you the best video for your dollar.

Video Post Production Services Calgary by Tetra Films - Digital Marketing Company

Video Post-Production

Video Post-Production is the final phase of production and in this phase we look at what you need to tell your story best. It is often said that a movie is made 3 times, once in Video Pre-Production, once in Video Production, and again in Video Post-Production. We feel that having you involved is of utmost importance. You know what you want, your company wants, and what your target market wants best. We rely on you to give us your insights so we can best accomplish your video using the most advanced post-production effects and techniques. From motion graphics to 3D animation, to incorporating a powerful call to action, we pride ourselves on our video post-production process.

Video Distribution Services by Vancouver Video Marketing Company - Tetra Films

Video Distribution

Building an effective Video distribution strategy is essential if you are releasing your video externally. In manny cases even internal videos can have a great life externally to help build culture and customer trust. There are a variety of ways to execute and effective video distribution strategy. Video is not cheap and without a strategy in place your money is being wasted. Our digital strategies can include: Effective Video Optimization so your videos show up at the top of Google for terms that your audience actually cares about, Display Ad Remarketing Campaign Implementation, You Tube Remarketing Video Ad Set Up, Blog Partnerships and Social Media Buys. In addition, traditional media buys can be arranged if needed.

We provide Video Production and Marketing Services for Non-profit and Government Organizations, Manufacturing Companies, Construction Companies, Educational Organizations and more across Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, West Vancouver, Abbotsford, Victoria, Mission, British Columbia, TorontoGreater Toronto Area, Ontario, Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta.