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Tetra Films is a leading Corporate Video Production Company serving across Burnaby, BC. We produce video content for a variety of businesses, both big and small, to educate and attract consumers. Our content is created with passion, experience, and state of the art technology so that you receive nothing but quality.

At Tetra Films, we create results driven Business Video, period. From big corporations, to small start ups, to nonprofits & charities, we create videos that communicate your message and values to your audience emotionally. We are fast and flexible, with a team of expert creatives that will hit every deadline.

Our Video Production Process

  • Video Marketing Services Burnaby by Tetra Films

    Video Marketing

    After a thorough needs assessment we provide in-depth online market analysis using competitor product and review analysis.

  • Video Pre Production Services Burnaby by Tetra Films

    Video Pre-Production

    Using the market information we’ve gathered we allow your values to inform the creative process.

  • Video Production Services Burnaby by Tetra Films

    Video Production

    During Video Production we dig deep to get you the best quality lighting, filming, and talent for your budget.

  • Video Post Production Services Burnaby by Tetra Films

    Video Post-Production

    Video Post-Production is the final phase of production and in this phase we look at what you need to tell your story best.

  • Video Distribution Services Burnaby by Tetra Films

    Video Distribution

    Building an effective Video distribution strategy is essential if you are releasing your video externally.

Burnaby Corporate Video Production Services

Burnaby Video Production

We all know video marketing stands out, it outperforms other marketing and communications materials all day. It engages viewers in a more impactful way that hits multiple senses at once, making them more intrigued about you and your products or services.


At Tetra Films, our goal is to help you get results in your business. Doesn't matter if your business is big or small, our Video Production services are designed with your goals in mind. What are your goals? Do you want to create more awareness around your product or service? Does your brand need a boost? Do you need to offset and automate repeated sales, marketing or communications tasks?

A Solid Business Strategy

There are many ways to use video. In our experience, building a solid strategy that helps you get the most out of your video content is one of the keys to getting the most out of your time, budget and ultimately your videos. We always start with these questions. What do you want to accomplish? Where and how will you be using your videos? This allows us to get a clear sense of your vision and goals and enables us to better guide you towards a solution that will actually work. This is the reason we’re known as the leading Corporate Video Production Company in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The Tetra Guarantee

We love what we do and we’re driven by our desire to see you succeed. We also love finding the best way to connect with your viewers, using the latest technology and building powerful communication tools that work.

We’re Unlike Your Average Video Production Company

All businesses are unique, and we hate generic solutions as much as the next guy. That’s why every video we create caters to the specific needs of your organization, your buyers, and your audiences. If you are shooting something right in Burnaby or if you require licenced operators across North America, we’ve got you covered. Flexibility and functionality are the name of the game. We take pride in the quality of work we produce, because it helps our customers solve their complex business needs wherever they are.

If you want to shoot right in Burnaby, you’ve got a lot of great places to film. We’re happy to help you source great locations locally if that is part of your production plan. From the historic setting at the open-air Burnaby Village Museum or the Fair Acres Mansion occupied by the Burnaby Art Gallery there’s a lot to choose from. Regardless of where you shoot, it’s always best to start with a good strategy, to plan what types of videos will help you accomplish your goals. Visit our video services page to learn more about what we do and what type of videos might work best for your goals.

Our Experience in Burnaby

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with Burnaby based businesses to build awareness for new products or services, capture events and B-Roll, or to film interviews of key company staff and stakeholders and we’ve delivered quality services every single time. All these claims are backed by organizations that are happy with our work and have benefitted from our video marketing services. Curious to know more? Take a look at our videos here to see some of the work we’ve done for other businesses in the area.

Burnaby has so much to offer, from the beauty of Deer Lake to the mesmerizing view from Barnet Marine Park, to the sculptures and scenic views on Burnaby Mountain, there's beauty all around. Let that beauty show in your video!

Corporate Video Production isn’t meant to be boring and mundane. Your videos can be fun, interesting, and speak to your values and culture. Tetra Films has a wide range of services such as Promotional Video Production and Event Video Production where we help promote your campaign or business or cover your events and virtual events in an engaging way. With a highly experienced team of individuals, great work history, and a promise to deliver high-quality videos, we’ve got you covered. So, what are you waiting for?

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