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Tetra Films is a leading Corporate Video Production Company serving across Coquitlam, BC. We produce video content for a variety of businesses, both big and small, to educate and attract consumers. Our content is created with passion, experience, and state of the art technology so that you receive nothing but quality.

At Tetra Films, we create results driven Business Video, period. From big corporations, to small start ups, to nonprofits & charities, we create videos that communicate your message and values to your audience emotionally. We are fast and flexible, with a team of expert creatives that will hit every deadline.

Our Video Production Process

  • Video Marketing Services Coquitlam by Tetra Films

    Video Marketing

    After a thorough needs assessment we provide in-depth online market analysis using competitor product and review analysis.

  • Video Pre Production Services Coquitlam by Tetra Films

    Video Pre-Production

    Using the market information we’ve gathered we allow your values to inform the creative process.

  • Video Production Services Coquitlam by Tetra Films

    Video Production

    During Video Production we dig deep to get you the best quality lighting, filming, and talent for your budget.

  • Video Post Production Services Coquitlam by Tetra Films

    Video Post-Production

    Video Post-Production is the final phase of production and in this phase we look at what you need to tell your story best.

  • Video Distribution Services Coquitlam by Tetra Films

    Video Distribution

    Building an effective Video distribution strategy is essential if you are releasing your video externally.

Coquitlam Corporate Video Production Services


Video marketing is known to yield the best results, provided of course if done right. Tetra Films realized the potential of this approach of marketing way back and from then, has been providing custom video production services. Today, we are one of the leading video production companies that service Coquitlam.

Over the past many years, we have worked with numerous clients and have delivered quality video production services every single time. The claims you read here are all backed by renowned organizations that have worked with us in the past. Simply put, we deliver what we promise. No false hopes, no red flags. Just top-notch work delivered right at your disposal. Exciting enough? You bet.

As a business, you need to present a unique idea, not one that is already being displayed by every other company in the industry. Tetra Films works with your company to tell its story in an innovative, exciting way. To make sure this happens seamlessly, we have laid out a set of processes that we follow for each project. The analysis comes first, in which our team of professionals analyze your project and provide an estimate. If the deal's locked, we proceed to the next step where our professional videographers hold the baton and take the process forward.

From the beauty of Minnekhada Regional Park to the five-hectare Lafarge Lake, and even Buntzen Lake, the professionals onboard know exactly how and what spots to use. We leverage these places in a way that they blend in beautifully with the message your business intends to send.

Tetra’s team of industry professionals can handle complex projects with utmost ease, and deliver quality work well within the set deadlines.

If your organization needs a little "promotional helping hand" in your venture, you are welcome to avail of our quality promotional video production service where we produce content specifically to market your product. Further, if there is an event that you want to be professional yet beautifully covered, we have got your back with our event video production services.

Contact us and our team would get the dice rolling!

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