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Tetra Films is a leading Corporate Video Production Company serving across Port Moody, BC. We produce video content for a variety of businesses, both big and small, to educate and attract consumers. Our content is created with passion, experience, and state of the art technology so that you receive nothing but quality.

At Tetra Films, we create results driven Business Video, period. From big corporations, to small start ups, to nonprofits & charities, we create videos that communicate your message and values to your audience emotionally. We are fast and flexible, with a team of expert creatives that will hit every deadline.

Our Video Production Process

  • Video Marketing Services Port Moody by Tetra Films

    Video Marketing

    After a thorough needs assessment we provide in-depth online market analysis using competitor product and review analysis.

  • Video Pre Production Services Port Moody by Tetra Films

    Video Pre-Production

    Using the market information we’ve gathered we allow your values to inform the creative process.

  • Video Production Services Port Moody by Tetra Films

    Video Production

    During Video Production we dig deep to get you the best quality lighting, filming, and talent for your budget.

  • Video Post Production Services Port Moody by Tetra Films

    Video Post-Production

    Video Post-Production is the final phase of production and in this phase we look at what you need to tell your story best.

  • Video Distribution Services Port Moody by Tetra Films

    Video Distribution

    Building an effective Video distribution strategy is essential if you are releasing your video externally.

Port Moody Corporate Video Production Services


Marketing is never easy. Whether you are out there to advertise your newly launched product or want to spread a message across your customer base, a good marketing tactic is the only way to claim success. Videos have emerged to be one of the most successful approaches to market almost anything. From a product to even the mere idea, everything is marketable when you have a properly produced video. But in a world full of competition, how do you find your spot?

Tetra Films is a leading video production company in Port Moody, providing custom corporate video production services to a variety of businesses. Assessing your business needs and achieving them using our quality videos is our USP. We partner with brands irrespective of their size, time of establishment, and needs. New, old, big or small, there is room for everyone on the table. The best part? We offer premium services at a very affordable rate. What more could you ask for as a business?

Our team comprises of highly professional individuals who have a good experience on their hands and are very dedicated to what they do. In every deal that is locked, we offer the use of the newest technology such as videography using drones, passion to create quality videos, and a disciplined team that delivers the work on time always. This means that you will get your video delivered within the set deadlines. No more delays, no more hassles. Just quality work, always.

From the beautiful Sasamat Lake to the shoreline Rocky Point Park with playground and swimming pool, Cates Park, Burrard Inlet, and even the Shoreline Trail, we use what defines the beauty of Port Moody. However, incorporating these places in a corporate video is a daunting task. The true use of these places can only be done if you have the right team who know what they are doing. Our professional videographers excel in their work and know exactly what it takes to produce high-quality videos and perfect angles. Sounds interesting? Then contact us and we will get this conversation going.

Also, we don't believe in saying things just for the sake of it. We say what we mean. All the claims you read here are based on the many reviews and feedback we have received from our previous and existing clients. Our foundation is based on trust from our partners and that is where we have left other video production companies in Port Moody far behind to be one of the most preferred video production companies in the neighborhood. When you strike a deal with us, we will do anything to make sure you get the value for every ounce of trust you put in us.

Additionally, Tetra Films provide video production services that are not limited to corporate video production, but also reach other areas as well. Thinking of promoting a new product? Try our promotional video production. Want a full high-quality coverage of an event of your choice? Take full advantage of our event video production service. The point is, whatever your needs may be, we have got you covered. Contact us to know more!

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