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Animated videos have become an effective and popular tool for businesses and organizations to communicate their message visually, captivatingly, and entertainingly. As such, leveraging video with an animation production company that consistently produces winning videos for business, we utilize the versatility and creative possibilities of animated video production to bring your ideas to life, capturing your audience’s attention and leaving a lasting impression. Our engaging video content ensures your message is delivered effectively and memorably.

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Maximizing Impact Through Strategic Animation

Our animated explainer videos simplify complex ideas with clear visuals and concise storytelling, ensuring your key points are communicated effectively. Tetra Films also creates dynamic promotional videos highlighting your product’s unique features and benefits, attracting and retaining customers based on the product video they watched. Additionally, our type of video animation for training and educational videos enhances learning experiences by making information more digestible and engaging, fostering better retention.

Our Animated Video Production Process in Vancouver

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Pre Production

Our team creates detailed storyboards and animatics, plans logistics, and handles all pre-production activities, including character design, background creation, and visual style development. 



Our skilled animators and artists bring your vision to life using the latest animation software and techniques during production. Whether it’s 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics, or whiteboard animation, we ensure that every frame is meticulously crafted to tell your story effectively. 


Post Production

In the post-production phase, our video editors and sound designers enhance the animation with sound effects, voiceovers, music, and colour grading. We incorporate your feedback to refine the final product, ensuring it meets your expectations and achieves the desired impact. Lastly, we deliver the animated video in the required formats and assist with developing a distribution strategy. 

Our Top Animated Videos

Iridia Medical
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Iridia Medical

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Newmont Anti-Bullying Animation

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BCSS Promotional Video

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LSS Promotional Video

Important Aspects of Producing Animated Videos

In Vancouver, we specialize in animated video production, combining innovative storytelling and stunning visuals. Our team of skilled animators, scriptwriters, and designers collaborate closely with you to understand your goal and bring your vision to reality. Whether you need an animated video to showcase your product or service, a captivating brand story, or an engaging educational video, we have the expertise and tools to deliver exceptional results.

Animated video production is a creative and engaging way to convey complex ideas, tell stories, and capture the audience’s attention. Here are some key aspects of animated video production:

Animated videos provide endless possibilities for visual storytelling. Professional animators can bring characters, objects, and concepts to life using vibrant visuals, colourful illustrations, and captivating animations. They have the expertise to create narratives that resonate with the target audience, using visual cues, symbolism, and creative transitions to convey messages effectively. This style of animation videos can help create a great company image. A professional team keeps you in the loop throughout the production process, making sure the final product meets your expectations.

Animated videos are particularly useful for simplifying complex ideas or concepts. They can break down intricate processes, explain technical information, or present abstract concepts in a visually digestible format. Through animated visuals, text overlays, and voiceover, these engaging animated videos can make complex topics more understandable and accessible to viewers. This method ensures that your message is transmitted effectively, creating winning video content that helps your brand stand out from the crowd.

Animated videos offer ample opportunities for branding and customization. Professional animated video production services can incorporate your brand’s visual identity, including colours, logos, and typography, into the video. This helps reinforce brand recognition and ensures consistency across your marketing materials. Additionally, animations can be tailored to reflect your brand’s personality and storytelling style, making the video unique and memorable.

Animated videos are highly adaptable and can serve numerous purposes, such as short animated explainer videos, product demonstrations, training materials, educational content, social media campaigns, etc. They are not bound by the limitations of live-action footage, allowing for creativity and imagination to be fully expressed. You can use animated videos to tell compelling stories with cartoon characters, creating great videos and live action content that captivates and engages your audience.

Animated videos can easily be localized and translated to reach a broader audience. Adopting voiceover or subtitles makes your quality animated videos accessible to viewers in different languages or regions. This flexibility enables you to communicate your message effectively to diverse audiences worldwide. The final production stage is where we create the final graphics, ensuring that your initial vision and concept are the foundation of any great animated video.

Animated video production can be a cost-effective solution compared to live-action videos. Creating complex scenes, visual effects, or scenarios in live-action can be expensive and time-consuming. In contrast, animated videos can achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost, as they require fewer resources and logistical considerations. Our process is designed to create high-quality animated content efficiently, reducing the cost involved in making complex and engaging videos.

Animated video production offers a visually appealing and versatile medium to convey information, tell stories, and engage viewers. Professional animators can bring your ideas to life through creative and impactful animated videos for educational purposes, promotional campaigns, or internal communication.

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Do you need expert video animation services in Vancouver, BC? Tetra Films is your local specialist. Our videos are designed to perform, ensuring your message is communicated effectively and creatively. We combine artistic talent and technical expertise to meet your goals, providing quality video content that stands out.

We proudly serve the following local areas throughout Vancouver: Downtown Vancouver, West End, Kitsilano, East Vancouver, Gastown, Kerrisdale, Dunbar-Southlands, Steveston, Upper Lonsdale, Greektown, Marpole, Fairview, and Shaughnessy. We ensure the final script has everything required to create a great animated video.

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What types of animated videos can you produce?

We produce various animated videos, including explainer, promotional, training, educational content, product demonstrations, and marketing campaign videos tailored to your needs.

We follow a meticulous animation production process, including thorough planning, detailed animation, and rigorous post-production. The quality of a video depends on several key factors, such as the length of video and having a good video strategy. Throughout this process, we ensure that we’ve created a final product that meets the standards of excellence.

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At Tetra Films—Vancouver Corporate Video Production Company, we make your life easier by guiding you through a fast, proven process that accommodates your video production needs flexibly and reliably. We remove those overwhelming feelings associated with producing compelling video content and make your brand stand out across any platform. We make every video with genuine passion and pride, making us a top video production company.

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