Why You Should Hire a Vancouver-Based Video Production Company

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It’s no secret that Vancouver contributes to the film industry–it’s called Hollywood North for a reason. That said, you don’t need to be creating a feature film to participate in Vancouver video production!

Video is a fantastic tool for businesses in several ways. The type of video you use will depend on your target audience and what you want them to take away from your video. Videos can be used for education, promotion, events, client retention, and more. 

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Vancouver Video Production

Vancouver and the surrounding areas offer a unique background for local businesses who are wanting to create promotional content. From the mountains to the forests to the island to the city, Vancouver has a lot to offer in terms of distinct scenery that businesses can take advantage of. Further, local video production companies will likely be aware of local issues and initiatives, so if you need a video for a non-profit organization or an upcoming event, the production team might already have some knowledge on the matter, making a smoother experience figuring out your messaging.

For example, the British Columbia-based company Hort Education BC hired Tetra Films to create a promotional video for their business. The audience is able to see the forestry and nature of BC throughout the video. Working with a local video production company, in this case, is ideal because it is likely that the production team will be familiar with the area, have location ideas, and have experience shooting in similar locations.

Another example is the video Tetra created for the Breakfast Club of Canada, which is a non-profit organization providing meals for children in need. As you can see, the video opens with a drone shot of Whistler, BC, showing off the mountains and showing that BCC is an organization that helps local kids. 

Why Choose Local

Many video production companies don’t only service one area, but it can be beneficial to look to local companies, especially if it is your first time embarking on a video production journey, as it may make the process a little bit more simple.

First of all, it is likely cheaper to work with a local video production company than to work with one farther away due to travel costs. If you plan on shooting the video in your office or a set in the area, it likely makes sense to work with a production team that can get there with relative ease, rather than having to fly them out. That said, if your video is fully animated and doesn’t require on-site filming, there’s more freedom with where your production team is based.

Second, as previously mentioned, local video production companies are more likely to be familiar with local businesses, locations, and issues. For Vancouver video production, this can mean the production team being knowledgeable of locations across the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, what kind of businesses are operating and creating video content in these areas, and what initiatives people in the area care about. This can be greatly beneficial for video messaging.


Vancouver video production isn’t limited to the city becoming fake New York City in blockbuster films. Take advantage of what makes the city and your company unique, and use that to create videos to boost your business. 

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