What to Look for in a Quality Corporate Video Production House

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Choosing a video production company for your corporate video project can be an overwhelming task. There are likely several companies in your area that provide production services with different niches. Additionally, you might not know exactly what you should be looking for in a company to make sure that your video turns out how you want it to.

Outlined below are some suggestions for what to look for in a corporate video production house. Take these into consideration when hiring a production company. Doing so will help make sure that your project turns out well and the production process goes smoothly for everyone involved.

A Portfolio That Meets Your Needs

The first thing that you’ll want to look for in a corporate video production house is if their portfolio meets your needs.

If you go on a video production company’s website, they should have a portfolio or case studies page. Here, you should be able to find a selection of projects the company has worked on that they feel are representative of their scope. Each video in a portfolio or case study should also specify what kind of project it is–whether that be a brand identity video, a video for a non-profit, a promotional video, or something else–so you know what their style is for different types of projects. You can think of a company’s portfolio as its highlight reel. It should be full of work that they are proud of, and that they feel is representative of what they are capable of.

For example, Tetra Films has a Services page on its website that looks at different projects the company has worked on.

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Case studies provided by the corporate video production house may also have feedback given by the clients. This can include thoughts on how their video turned out or sentiment on what working with the team was like. It is worthwhile looking into these reviews when choosing your production company. You can see if there are any reoccurring comments by clients that could influence your decision.

Some production companies will also have a pricing or packages page on their website. A video production company’s website often includes specifics on video production, including the duration of the shoot, the type of footage captured, and the specific services it provides.

Tetra also offers one of these pages, which you can take a look at here. Notice how the pricing and packages are broken down for different types of videos.

By looking at both a corporate video production house’s portfolio and their services, you can start to get an idea of what they are able to offer. From there, you can judge if they will fit your needs.

Proven Production Process

Another important factor to consider when selecting a video production service is what its production process looks like.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a few portfolios that seem suitable to your needs, it’s time to explore what their production processes look like. This is everything that goes into the video, from beginning to end. You’ll want to make sure that the company has a process that is proven to work for pre-production, production, and post-production.

As mentioned above, video creation is typically separated into three parts.Before a video shoot can begin, pre-production must be completed. Among the steps to be taken during pre-production are messaging, scripting, hiring any additional talent that may be required to shoot the video, including crew members, actors, or voiceover artists, selecting a location, and gathering any equipment that may not already be in the production team’s possession for the video.

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Another critical aspect of the pre-production process and something that should be sorted out at the very beginning is the timeline for the project. This includes when the pre-production steps will be done by, what each day of shooting the video will entail, and the day the final video needs to be completed and approved.

Production is the actual shooting of the video. This is when all of the footage will be captured, including any b-roll footage, interviews, and voice overs.

Post-production entails the editing of the video and is where you will see your story really come together. Any additional graphics, sound effects, and music will also be added at this time. You should also decide how many rounds of edits the video gets when you and your production company were coming to an agreement regarding the budget and timing for your project. Your video should be completed and approved by the day agreed upon.

For a more in-depth look at the video production process and what you should look for in a corporate video production house’s process, you can visit Tetra Films’ blog “What Should the Video Production Process Look Like.”

Effective Communication

Communication between you and the video production company is crucial to ensure that the project turns out how you imagine it. Good communication with help make sure the video messaging is clear, and that everyone is on the same page.

From the beginning, you’ll want to make sure that the production company responds in a timely manner and takes the time to understand what it is that you want for your video. If you are unsure of exactly what the messaging of your video needs to be, the video production company should be able to work with you. They should want to help make sure that you end up with a plan and script that will meet your goals.

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Communication is also incredibly important regarding timelines and goals throughout the production process. Establishing a clear timeline and communicating it to everybody in the production process will help ensure that there are realistic expectations all around. You will have a proper understanding of how long the process will take, any materials or actions that are required from you and/or your company, and a general idea of what the final video will look like. The corporate video production house will also have clear expectations for the timeline and when their work needs to be done.

Establishing clear, effective communication at the beginning of the production process helps make sure the project goes smoothly. This will leave everybody happy with the end result.


There is a lot of work that can go into choosing a corporate video production house. It is important to take your time going through various companies’ portfolios and services to ensure they are a good match for you and your video project needs.

As always, make sure the company you choose to work with has a portfolio that is suited to your needs, a proven production process, and communicates effectively.

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