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Make a Difference with the Power of Video.

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Clarify your story and vision. Learn about common pitfalls. Prepare and educate your team.

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Create video designed to meet your unique digital marketing, internal communications and HR needs.

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With the right tools and talent, we help you to make a difference. Move your organization forward!

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I really enjoyed working with Tetra Films, they completely exceeded my expectations.
Annika Ingram, Hort Education BC

Did You Know?

Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016

Vancouver Video Production

Our goal is to make a positive impact using the power of video. It’s always exciting to hear how your organization is making a difference in our world. We take your message and deliver it with the emotional or technical impact needed to connect with your audience and meet your goals. If its an educational program with a video component, safety video, or promotional video, we dig deep to make a real connection with your audience. Its the values that lie underneath that attract an audience, and the delivery of these values in video form is what makes our Testimonials, Promo Videos, Viral Videos, Internal Videos, Safety Videos, Event Videography, and Success Stories so successful and emotionally impactful.

The Power of Video

The power of video is great and the benefits are vast, whether you are using the video for internal purposes or to gain more sales. Internally it has never been easier for HR departments to create consistent affordable messaging, training, or safety videos and have them accessible to all employees no matter where they are or what department they are in. In regards to marketing, digital marketing campaigns that include video are able to connect with more customers, they are able to target niche markets, and they are more effective at getting more leads and sales at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Now is the time for businesses to incorporate video into their corporate strategies, and it will be the the first movers who are going to get the best results from the power of video.

What Video Can Do For You

Tetra Films provide video production services in Vancouver and across Canada. Our video products are designed to compliment your internal and external marketing efforts on your website,  landing pages, social media channels, and email campaigns. We specialize in creating videos that make an emotional impact and we focus on the values driving your cause. All our videos can be designed for distribution in what ever format you choose; we’ve worked with teams from all walks of life in marketing, HR, safety, and production departments. All have different needs and goals. We understand Video SEO (search engine optimization), social media, and how powerful getting your videos on the front page of Google is, and we have in depth experience with creating content for internal corporate channels.

Internal Corporate Video benefits companies by increasing productivity, saving time, increasing employee retention, and most importantly by improving communication of important corporate messaging so everyone is aligned with the same mission and vision. Additional benefits are things like a reduction in accidents, product defects, and company errors. In the long run processes improve stakeholder confidence builds. Tetra Films helps you create videos that relay your company’s vision for its employees and customers in a way that really connects.

Whether you are trying to increase leads, get your video seen by your vertical or niche markets, or create video to help with your internal goals, Tetra Films is using the most advanced techniques to get your video to perform for you. We care about helping your organization make a positive impact, no matter how big or small. It all counts. Looking for top notch Vancouver video proudction? Get in touch to get started on your video today.