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Looking to Start Your Video Right Now?

At Tetra Films, we create videos that communicate your message and values to your audience emotionally.

Want to Improve Business, Reach More People and Motivate Customers?

Short on time? Weak marketing and communications? Not nurturing your list as good as you should be? All these issues can be solved with video. Video production services should help you communicate your important message in a way that leaves text in the dust. Giving you more time, saving you money and building your authority along the way.

Vancouver Video Production Services

Marketing and Communications Professionals Know the Power of Creating High Quality Video.

They know how they can communicate one to many, in the most powerful and convincing way by using video. Need to nurture your list? An easy way to stay in touch and stay relevant is by keeping a steady stream of content flowing out to your fan base. Educational videos will establish you as an authority and leader in your field. You can start with simple videos highlighting your FAQs, videos focused on relevant news, or even provide case studies to illustrate benefits other clients have received.
Video Marketing Vancouver

Internal Communications?

If your goals are more internal the same strategy can be applied. Use video as a tool to communicate important information that keeps people informed and engaged. Focus on your viewers’ needs and frame the subject matter in terms they can understand. How will your viewer engage with your videos? On their own time or in at work training sessions? Consider the platforms they’ll see your content on and how you’d like them to respond.

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Get Rid of Repetitive Tasks

Look to create a library of video resources that your customers or staff can rely upon to stay educated. If they can watch it on a video it will save you valuable time having to explain it. You job is to clarify what is most important and relevant to your audience’s needs. If you have a good idea of what they care about making videos that get watched will be an easy task.
Video Marketing Services Vancouver

Save Money

Creating a business case for your shiny new video is a no brainer. Look at the costs you are incurring at present in labour, lack of conversion, and lack of engagement. Today’s world is filled with distractions, and you’ve got a lot to compete with. The longe you can keep people engaged means the closer you get to your goals. Video can save you cash by outsourcing repetitive tasks, boosting conversion on sales and increasing engagement. Its up to you to decide if the value of the increased time, sales, and raving fans outweighs your video’s budget. Likely it does.