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What to Look For When Hiring a Corporate Videographer

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Make sure the videographer has the experience necessary to complete the task. Experience comes in several forms. Technical experience: knowledge of cameras, sound equipment, and filmmaking expertise. Relevant industry experience: knowledge of the industry in question and its processes. Communication experience: general people skills necessary to get results on the shoot.

A good way to clarify this is by reviewing past work by the production company. Ask for samples of work that is similar in scope to the content you hope to have captured. Finally take a moment to speak to the videographer or producer in charge and make sure they understand what you are trying to accomplish.

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You may not know what equipment you need to ensure your content is captured in the best way possible. If possible work with your in house media expert or consult with a producer to help you clarify what would fit your budget and project scope. The key is to work backwards from your budget. Establishing a budget from the outset will make it much easier to clarify the equipment and expertise necessary for your video shoot.

4K resolution is the norm now for image quality. It would be expected at minimum that your videographer would come equipped with a 4K camera, tripod, basic sound gear, and possibly a lighting kit if required. Additional equipment would be required depending on what needs to be captured. Keep in mind events can require very different cameras, lighting and sound equipment than B-Roll image capture.

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Make sure that your budget matches your needs. When looking for a videographer we generally recommend to spend approximately $1000-2000 per day depending on project needs. If your project is larger in scope with lots of moving pieces you may need a larger team with a producer, director, and additional production staff and equipment. If your budget is small, make sure your project scope is small. Its always good to consult with a producer in advance of hiring your videographer to help you shape your vision and engage the appropriate talent necessary to complete the task at hand.

Truly cinematic work may require more than a videographer. If you are wanting to capture world-class imagery you may require a professionally trained DOP (director of photography). They come with high end cinema cameras that would produce imagery suitable for commercial scale projects. Again consult with your producer to clarify your project needs.

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Time & Availability

Clarify with your team in advance when you expect your filming dates to be. This will help you secure top quality talent far enough in advance of your shoot date. The better you schedule the easier it will be to select a date for your video team to capture the content you need. If you expect multiple dates in multiple cities reach out to your production team with ample time to schedule each shoot. This will ensure that you get the right technicians when you need them.

If you would like to learn more about hiring a corporate videographer reach out to us at any time and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Or keep reading below to learn about our What Video Can Do For You – mini video course. Filled with tips and tricks the course comes with an accompanying workbook compete with templates for testimonial, profile and FAQ videos.