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By Tetra Films

Magic in Unexpected Places

On 26, Aug 2015 | No Comments | In Opinion | By Tetra Films


So I’ve watched a bunch of “Not quite superhero” movies: Super, Defendor, Special, Griff The Invisible and Kickass 1 & 2. Some of them I loved, others not so much. They did get me thinking about how these ‘ordinary’ people want to make a difference in the world (or they’re crazytown), so they dawn a costume and decide to kick some ass (hopefully). What I find appealing in these movies is the spirit these characters, the sheer tenacity. Though I don’t always agree with how they do it, I feel inspired that they did. Sure they can be misguided and sloppy but then so are we when we are accomplishing our dreams. We also become invigorated, creative and curious. So much shifts in the body and soul to make new realities possible.

My favourite movie out of the list was Griff The Invisible, it’s just darling. It stars Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse from True Blood) who is able to capture every nuance and make you care about him so damn much. He is so at home on camera, allowing you to drift into his world with ease. Where you think him being insular and an outsider would be off-putting, it isn’t. It only makes his character more endearing. The supporting actress, Maeve Dermody (Black Water) is so delightfully quirky and is such a treat to watch, complimenting Kwantlen perfectly. Her character is completely unforgettable and so refreshing.

I don’t want to ruin the movie by talking about it too much so I’ll just say that it helped me resurrect the Magic. And by Magic, I know you know what I mean. (Notice how I’ve been using capital M’s?) My girlfriend said something one night that was so beautiful: “People forget that as adults, we are now the magic bringers. It’s up to us to do that for each other”. Let’s create as much magic as we can, let’s keep it close to our hearts-sprinkling us with whatever we need at that moment. We don’t need to put a mask on and go all vigilante on bad guys, what we can do is use the light we have inside of us and liberate our demons. We all know that the true fight isn’t out there, it’s in h**e (censored due to cliche).

That’s all I got for tonight. Not bad for a 2 am post.



– Super: Rainn Wilson (The Office). To savage for me, claims to be a comedy, it is not. Missed the mark. Too bad because I love Rainn Wilson.

– Defendor: 2nd on my list. Very good performance from Woody Harrelson. Funny, quirky, at times hard to relate. Totally recommend it.

– Special: Michael Rapaport (Hitched). Really wanted to like this. I don’t want to spend the time trying to figure out what exactly went wrong with this movie. I remember being bored, confused and waiting for it to end. Darn. Rapaport was awesome as usual.

– Kickass 1: Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-ass 2) Awesome. Dorky in a good way, yes it’s violent and it’s kinda weird to see a 12-year old girl kick grown guys asses but whatever.

– Kickass 2: Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-ass 1) I did not like it at all. The only tidbit that was worthwhile was Jim Carrey’s part, which they didn’t fully utilize. What happened guys?

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In Opinion

By Tetra Films

A Good Place to Start – “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Review

On 18, Aug 2015 | No Comments | In Opinion | By Tetra Films

Hello world,

Here I have the opportunity to speak openly and without much editing, so bare with me if I miss something super important or rant emphatically about an obscure reference, I will do my best. I recently saw ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ (Ben Stiller) and it inspired me so much that I decided to create this blog. I wanted to express myself from the heart with the intent of inspiring others. Movies have influenced my life immensely and helped me through some extremely difficult times. Their ability to transport you to another world and help you connect to yourself is astounding. In Walter Mitty, he is constantly daydreaming of being the person he wishes to be only to be dashed out of his fantasies and into a harsh reality. We’ve all been there, we’ve all imagined ourselves in another life, doing everything we wish we could do. What is it that holds us back? Fear? That weird, familiar feeling that restricts our flow, that squeezes its grip around our creativity. If only we could throw ourselves into a 90-minute film with a 3-act structure, we could then predict the destruction of our ego and rely on the gradual rebuilding of our spirit, only to accomplish our goal and redeem all our previous blunders. If only. Perhaps we could learn something from Walter Mitty, we could take away the idea that our imagination serves us to the point of making it a reality; that it’s our mental sandbox where we get to play without restrictions, rules or censors. Where we can solidify our precious ideas like the gems they are. Then, carefully, we bring those gems to our life and watch them shine, watch them inspire and change our reality. After all, that’s what movies are all about.

Well, bye for now.

Thanks for reading.



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